Mathematical, safe, precision based & scientific method of spine surgery

Spine surgery for Back Pain and Sciatica under Local Anaesthesia has been practiced since 1976 and was first published in 1981. The pioneers were Dr. Kambin and Dr. Hijikata. Dr. Gore learnt this from his Guru Dr. Yeung in the year 1999. Dr. Gore has been doing this surgery since November 1999 (last 24 years).

Dr. Gore has conceptualised and designed his set of instruments for Minimally Invasive Stitchless Spine Surgery called Gore Set”, which many national and international surgeons use.

The Gore System” for Stitch less spine surgery for Back Pain and Sciatica under local anesthesia is a mathematical, safe, precision based and scientific method of surgery.

The “Gore System” covers pain at all its stages in the back:

  1. Annular Tear
  2. Nerve Sensitisation
  3. Nerve Compression
  4. Nerve Dysfunction


  • Patient is awake and aware
  • Local Anaesthesia is given
  • Only an 8mm incision is made in the back. (No open midline cuts, no long incisions)
  • It is Stitch-less
  • It is Screw-less
  • It is Scar-less
  • No Blood Loss / No Blood Transfusion needed
  • Lesser Post-operative care
  • Patient may go home the same day
  • Faster Recovery of Symptoms
  • The youngest patient he has operated was a 16 year girl and the oldest was a 92 year old lady
  • Depending on the level of physical fitness the patient may be able to return to work in 3 to 6 weeks’ time


Below video shows the precision based, mathematical technique of Gore System of Spine Surgery which targets the pain generators at the source thereby negating the need of cutting of muscle and bone.

Below video is in Hindi language where Dr. Gore talks about and shows how an infected disc can be treated with Stitchless Surgery under Local Anesthesia and patient has got relief after surgery.

Below video shows Dr. Gore’s basic technique of surgery. It was taken few years ago when Dr. Gore used to stitch the surgical site after surgery. However, now there is no stitch, a tape is applied on surgical site.

Below video shows the full surgery of lumbar spinal level L5-S1 where patient is aware and awake. You can see the preparation and steps of surgery and the minute incision on skin towards the end of the video.

Dr. Satishchandra Gore has published many papers in international journals on his philosophy and method of treatment and surgery.

Dr. Satishchandra Gore has published the book “ENDOWORLD” which outlines the Gore System for percutaneous endoscopic disc surgery under local anesthesia. It shows his step-by-step methodology of stitchless spine surgery under local anesthesia.  Download ENDOWORLD to read.

* Disclaimer: This book just states the step-by-step methodology, it does not give anyone the right to do this surgery. This surgery is done by qualified and trained surgeons only.

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