Dr. Gore started Stitchless Lumbar Spine Surgery under Local Anesthesia in an Awake and Aware patient.in 1999

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Dr. Satishchandra Gore  Qualifications: MBBS, MS (Orthopaedic), FABMISS

Fellow of the American Board of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (1999)
Fellow of the Asian Academy of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (2001)
Ex President of the Asian Academy for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Ex President of the International Intradiscal and Transforaminal Spine Surgery Society (IITTSS)
Ex President of the International Musculoskeletal Laser Society (IMLAS)

Dr. Gore  is practising since 1983 (36 years).

He has been doing minimally invasive, stitchless spine surgery under local anesthesia  since November 1999 (20 years).

Dr. Gore  has done more than 8000 surgeries in India and outside India, the highest number of stitchless spine surgeries in India.

He specialises in Back Pain and Sciatica Diagnosis, Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery, Endoscopic Foraminoplasty Surgery. Endoscopic fusion surgery.

Dr. Gore  is accurate in his diagnosis by finding the root cause of pain, by using his unique technique called Gore Sign.  He has published on the “Gore Sign” to detect, confirm and monitor sciatica.

By following the Gore Algorithm” he is able to provide the right treatment to the patient.

Dr. Gore  does the spinal surgery Endoscopic Foraminoplasty without need to cut bone in the back thus obviating need for implanting screws, rod, etc. in the back.

Dr. Gore’s notable contribution to world of safe spine surgery is GORE SYSTEM. He has conceptualized and designed his own set of instruments for Minimally Invasive Stitchless Spine Surgery called Gore Set” (made and marketed by Karl Storz Endoscopy Germany ), which many national and international surgeons use. He has added set for managing claudication called “Sneha DRG Deroof Set”, for deroofing the axilla and dorsal root ganglion.

Dr. Gore has operated upon:
  • Patients who want actual relief in pain.
  • Patients with sciatica and back pain.
  • Patients with failed back surgeries.
  • Patients who have heart problems.
  • Operated difficult spinal levels in patients on whom most are hesitant to operate upon.
  • Patients as young as 16 and as old as 92 years.
  • Patients from different nationalities.

Dr. Gore’s Analysis 

As we age and our spine becomes old we get changes of degeneration. These changes are irreversible and by law of nature progressive, we as surgeons do control the pain and other symptoms and try to help you in prolonging the healthy time.

80% of patients can be treated on OPD basis. If this treatment is done accurately, patients will not have to bear pain for long durations and the root cause of pain can be taken care of. However, since majority of times the root cause of pain is not treated correctly at the right time, the problem intensifies. At such times the patient has to finally undergo invasive treatments, long investigations and may be surgery. These patients may be primarily managed by injections.

15% of patients have nerve physical compression detected by a SLR or straight leg raising. They may need surgery depending on age, suffering, duration, activities of daily life and limitations etc. The surgery may be planned or emergent. Here Dr. Gore’s contribution is selective use of post void residual urine estimation by ultra sound examination, grading involvement of the sacral roots.

5% of patients most probably  need surgery as only option to relieve the patient of the pain and other associated problems. They may be having nerve deficit and dysfunction. This pain relief though can be achieved by Dr. Gore’s Stitchless Surgery under Local Anesthesia.

What Dr. Gore can do for you?

  1. Dr. Gore can ascertain if you need surgery or non operative care for your backache and sciatica.
  2. He can ascertain if the pain is chemical or mechanical in origin and way to monitor it.This may be treated by non operative methods.
  3. Surgery if needed is stitchless and under local anesthesia.The Gore System is high tech and uses added modalities like laser and RF. It is observed that decisions based on images and MRI alone may lead to less than optimal results.


Dr. Gore has published numerous papers in international and national journals regarding stitchless spine surgery under local anesthesia, pain generators, etc. Click here to read the publications by Dr. Satishchandra Gore to educate yourself about your problem.


Dr. Gore has written the book “आपणच आपले हाडवैरी”. There is a lot of ignorance about bones and bone related diseases. Inappropriate diet, lack of exercise, etc in the younger age may lead to osteoporosis  in the later stage of life. This book details on how to take care of your bones and overall health for a healthy life.

You can purchase this book on Bookganga.com 

Apanach Apale Hardvairy Front Cover
Apanach Apale Hardvairy Back Cover

Surgery Training Workshops 

Dr. Satishchandra Gore has been active in promoting stitchless spine surgery under local anesthesia in INDIA and USA, RUSSIA, EGYPT, TURKEY, GERMANY, PHILLIPINES, INDONESIA, KOREA, CHINA, JAPAN, MALAYSIA, VIETNAM by lectures and cadaveric or live surgery. He has been active in conducting lectures, presentations and workshops in 37 countries of the world. Has conducted more than 60 workshops in India and outside India where he has imparted his knowledge and taught Orthopaedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons his system of surgery called Gore System” for back pain and sciatica.

Training Workshop 2015 at Pattaya Bangkok
Training Workshop 2015
Training Workshop
Training Workshop

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