Stitch less spine surgery under local anesthesia is a great boon for suffering patients.

Real patient testimonial about how they have got relief from back pain and leg pain by Dr. Satishchandra Gore’s Stitch less Spine Surgery under Local Anesthesia 

मी, सौ नीलम  नंदकुमार वडके, वय वर्षे ६४. पूर्वी नोकरीत होते त्यामुळे बसून बसून मला हा आजार  सुरू झाला. मला चालताही येत नव्हतं आणखी कमरेत सारखे दुखायचे, गुडघे दुखायचे. मला माझ्या मैत्रिणींनी सांगितले की डॉक्टर गोरेंकडे जा. त्याआधी मी चार पाच डॉक्टरांकडे  .गेले होतेमुंबईला लिलावती हॉस्पिटलमध्ये पण गेले होते. सगळ्यांनीच ऑपरेशन चा आम्हाला पर्याय सांगितला. पण नंतर  इथे डॉक्टरांकडे आल्या नंतर त्यांनी मला त्यांचे Youtube  वरचे  सगळे व्हिडीओ बघायला सांगितले. त्यानंतर मला असं वाटलं की ऑपरेशन खूपच सोप्पं आणि चांगलं आहे, मग आपण ह्याच्या साठी ट्राय करावा व ह्याच डॉक्टरांकडून ऑपरेशन करून घ्यावे. मग मी या डॉक्टरांची  ट्रीटमेंट सुरु केली. माझ्या कडे आधीचे सगळेच रिपोर्ट होते त्यामुळे त्यांनी एकही रिपोर्ट मला करायला लावला नाही पुन्हा.  पटकन ऑपरेशन करून  मी सहा महिन्यात व्यवस्थित झाले. आता मी दोन तीन किलोमीटर रोज आरामात चालू शकते. डॉक्टरांची बाकी सगळी ट्रीटमेंट एकदम छान होती व १००% पॉसिटीव्ह रिझल्ट आलेला आहे  त्यामुळे आता मी एकदम फिरायला वगैरे फ्री झालेली आहे त्याबद्दल डॉक्टर गोरेंना धन्यवाद.  आणि मला डॉक्टर गोरे बद्दल आमच्या कॉलनीतल्या एका गृहस्थानेसुद्धा सांगितलं होतं म्हणूनसुद्धा  मी इथे आले आणि त्यांचा अनुभव असा होता कि त्यांनी ओपन सर्जरी केली होती. ते आता जवळ जवळ दोन वर्ष होत आली तरी अजून त्यांची तेवढी रिकव्हरी झाली नाहीं जेवढी माझी १००% झालेली आहे. एवढेच सांगायचे आहे कि एंडोस्कोपी मुळे खूप फायदा होतो, शरीराला इजा झाली नाही व दुखणं पण त्या मनानी कमी सोसायला लागलं.

English translation of the Mrs. Wadke’s Testimonial given in Marathi language…

I am Mrs Neelam Nandakumar Wadke, aged 64. Earlier I used to work which involved a lot of sitting because of which I had pain. I was not able to walk and my lower back used to hurt my knee used to hurt. One of my friends told me about Doctor Gore and told me to go to him. Before that I have consulted 4 to 5 doctors, I had even been to Mumbai at Lilavati Hospital.  Everyone told me to get operated. After I came to Dr. Gore he told me to see all his videos on YouTube. After seeing the videos I thought that the operation looks easy and nice so I thought why not give this operation a try from Dr. Gore .
Only then I started the treatment with him. I had all my previous investigation reports so he did not tell me to do any new investigations and  surgery got done. Its been 6 months from the date of my surgery and I am perfectly fine. Now I  walk 2 to 3 kilometres daily. All the other treatment was also very nice and I have got 100% positive result and because of which I now feel totally free to walk to live freely and for that I am very thankful to Dr. Gore .
One of the members from my housing society also told me about Dr. Gore and that was also a reason why I had come to him. This member from my housing society had done an open surgery and now it’s been nearly 2 years but he has still not recovered fully whereas I have had a 100% recovery. I just want to say that because of endoscopy I was benefited, I did not have to go through a lot of bodily pain and compared to the open surgery my pain was hardly anything.

* Please note: Prime Surgical Centers is now closed down. This video is for reference only.

Mrs. Phirooza Rustumji. I am from Bangalore. On the 2nd I had a terrible pain in my leg, in the sense it had stopped functioning. I had excruciating pain I was screaming 24 hours literally. For 11 days I was lying in bed. Then on the 2nd in the morning when I was trying to get up one leg was dead and I had no leg, it was dead completely, no feeling.
Mrs. Phirooza Rustumji underwent laser assisted endoscopic discectomy surgery. Surgery was performed through a tiny 8mm incision, was stitchless.
Pain is gone of course I am being little careful and stiff. I just had the surgery yesterday! My surgery was yesterday and I am going home today. Of course I can get up and walk. I am perfectly normal. I am going back to Bangalore today, I could have gone back yesterday. People have told me don’t do the surgery, don’t take a chance with your spine, how can you take a risk. And after talking to Dr. Gore I realized that a lot of people who have undergone and who have also had a problem, things have become worse for them after surgery, it was the older method well basically, the wrong method. So I suggest they should come to Dr. Gore at least give him a chance. I think surgeons should learn from him.

* Please note: Prime Surgical Centers is now closed down. This video is for reference only.

My name is Vandana Shukla. I have come all the way to Maharashtra Pune from United States of America – California – San Jose to be exact.
I have been in perpetual chronic pain for the past 10 years. Doctors over there just don’t know the reason as to why I am in so much pain. They have done various test on me and never suggested any kind of surgery. I came to know about Dr. Gore through my uncle who got the surgery done by Dr Gore.
Dr. Gore has his own system where he put me through local anesthesia and my mother just had spinal anesthesia and the reason for that was so the surgery could be successful, so we could tell him where it was hurting and that is the reason why the surgeries are so successful because the patients can directly communicate with Dr Gore and tell him exactly where the pain is. The surgery lasted for me for just 2 hours. I took my first step actually within 3 hours.