Gore Sign helps in analyzing the Root Cause of Pain Generators for Precise Diagnosis & Treatment

In his 34 years of practice Dr. Satishchandra Gore has worked very closely with his patients. In his initial years he used to listen to the patient’s pain problems and treat them the traditional way. While treating patients he realised that there was a pattern to the pain. He started analysing the pain areas, location, intensity and did extensive research on this. His analysis and research enabled him to come up with his own “Gore Sign” of diagnosing the root cause of pain. He has published on the “Gore Sign”  to detect, confirm and monitor sciatica. “Gore Sign” helps in diagnosing the problem by examining the patient and questioning regarding the pain. Investigations like X-ray, MRI are advised only if needed.  He further evolved this into Gore Algorithm”  and Gore Matrix”  for back pain and sciatica. GORE SIGN IS THE ONLY OBJECTIVE SIGN FOR PAIN. GORE SIGN CAN DISTINGUISH CHEMICAL AND MECHANICAL PAIN. It can monitor chemical pain. It can give a fair idea about need for non operative treatment in combination with McKenzie method for mechanical diagnosis of back pain.

His treatment is targeted towards:

  1. Relief in pain
  2. Strengthening the muscles, so that pain does not re-occur.

His treatment includes:

  1. Exercises
  2. Medicines
  3. Injections
  4. Surgical Intervention

If patients get correct diagnosis and treatment for their pain they are most likely to improve and be satisfied.